Coi Bộ Kỳ Này MiniLuxe “Chơi Thiệt”?



Sau chiến dịch bắt các tiệm Nail tại New York tháng 5/2015 thì các quan chức New York bắt đầu thành luật và bắt các tiệm Nail phải giữ đúng mức lương tối thiểu và phải có bond mới được hoat động, thì tờ huffingtonpost lại đăng một bản tin bất lợi cho cac bạn làm Nail, khi các quan chức của New York bắt đầu “quậy” tới vấn đề “air quality” trong tiệm Nail …

New legislation from the Governor’s office is a critical step in the right direction. And legislation from the Public Advocate’s office is pending in the New York City Council. But we need more than new laws. With around 2,000 nail salons in New York City, government can’t adequately address the issue on its own.

This is a public health dilemma that calls for the kind of innovation made possible through public-private partnerships. That’s why the Office of the Public Advocate and Pegasus Capital Advisors are working together to launch a pilot program of a potentially game-changing technology that will incentivize improved air quality and health conditions in New York City nail salons. Because of the gravity of the issue, we’ve made this commitment to nail salon safety through the Clinton Global Initiative, a pioneer in facilitating cross-sector solutions such as ours and will encourage us to share lessons learned.

Starting in January 2016, we will begin providing nail salons around the city with free prototypes of the Genesis Light, a 24-hour lamp that monitors air quality and impacts health. The light – a new innovation from Pegasus portfolio company Lighting Science, a global leader in LED technology — sends manicurists, customers and city health officials an alert based on the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including formaldehyde. While the technology engineered within the Genesis Light is complex, the functionality is simple: A green light for clean air, a red light for toxic air. It also communicates with mobile devices via an app and has the capacity to archive its findings on a digital platform online that will eventually be available to the public.…/a-commitment-to-cleaning-_b…

Và tờ Fortune trong bài viết về làm sao các tiệm Nail bên New York làm sao có thể sống còn sau chiến dịch thanh trừng đã dùng cách thức trả lương giờ của Miniluxe làm khuôn mẫu …

New York’s new regulations require salons to be bonded, so those assets can be tapped for worker reimbursement if salon owners aren’t paying fairly. Getting such a bond for several thousand dollars shouldn’t be too prohibitive for salons, and would further protect employees, says New York City employment attorney Lloyd Ambinder, a partner at law firm Virginia & Ambinder, LLP, which is representing workers who filed suit against Envy Nails, alleging wage and other labor violations.

And while increased wages and bond requirements also increase overhead, investing in workers isn’t necessarily a death knell for affordable services. Nail and waxing salon chain MiniLuxe, which has nine locations in Massachusetts and Texas, offers full-time employees 401(k) options, health care benefits, and paid time off. CEO Sue Thirlwall says these policies also helps it retain workers. MiniLuxe’s signature manicure is still only $20 and its signature pedicure is $39.…/how-the-nail-salon-industry-can-clean…/

New York là một trong những thành phố nổi tiếng nhất của nước Mỹ về nghành thời trang và thẩm mỹ … Nếu các quan chức New York đã biến thành luật thì dần dần các tiểu bang khác cũng sẽ copy theo sau … Khi mà chính sách của Miniluxe trở thành tiêu chuẩn của các tiệm nail thì lúc đó các bạn bắt đầu mệt …

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